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Aitken Aitken Cohn to be Honored as Law Firm of the Year at OCBACF’s 2017 Raise Your Glass Event

This Thursday, the Orange County Bar Association, Charitable Fund (OCBACF) will be hosting its Raise Your Glass event, an annual wine tasting and charity awards benefit program. This year, the OCBACF voted to honor Aitken Aitken Cohn as the “Law Firm of the Year.” The honor was publicized in this month’s OC Lawyer magazine as part of its cover feature article by OCBACF president Todd Friedland.

The article explains that Aitken Aitken Cohn was chosen for “prolific” support, both monetarily, and in giving time and leadership pro-bono, to worthy causes and organizations in the community. “In addition to being top-notch attorneys…, the firm is also dedicated to giving back and serving our community by donating time and money to numerous charities.” The Celtic Bar Association, the Constitutional Rights Foundation of Orange County, Laura’s House, Ryan’s Reach, and the Public Law Center are just a few of the many organizations our firm supports.

Other honorees at this year’s event include the Constitutional Rights Foundation, Orange County as Community Partner of the Year and Judge Ronald P. Kreber as Individual of the Year.

As the philanthropic arm of the Orange County Bar Association, the OCBACF provides “resources to organizations and programs to enhance the system of justice and promote equal justice for all.” In 2017 alone, the OCBACF has distributed over $120,000 to worthy organizations!

Aitken Aitken Cohn thanks Todd Friedland and the OCBACF for the kind words about our firm, and is honored to be named the Law Firm of the Year and looks forward to continuing supporting organizations that provide much needed services to the community.

The entire article is below:

From the August 2017 Issue of OC Lawyer

Raise Your Glass 2017: Socializing for a Cause

By: Todd Friedland

One of California’s most respected perso nal injury law firms, Aitken Aitken Cohn (AAC) is dedicated to serving the injured and aggrieved consumer in a variety of legal conflicts. In addition to being top-notch attorneys (Wylie Aitken won the OCBA’s Franklin G. West award in 2007), the firm is also dedicated to giving back and serving our community by donating time and money to numerous charities including the OCBA Charitable Fund. AAC is a longtime supporter of both Charitable Fund annual fundraisers: Judge Kenneth Lae Charity Golf Scramble and Raise Your Glass. In fact, AAC has been one of the Charitable Fund’s leading steadfast contributors for years. Indeed, I dare you to find an important charity event in the legal community and beyond, that has no Aitken firm member in attendance. Wylie Aitken and his team are prolific, serial supporters of worthy causes.

But AAC’s contributions go far beyond monetary contributions. Firm members have given generously of their time through service on the OCBA and OCBA Charitable Fund boards and committees, speaking at MCLE presentations, attending events, and providing auction items. They have even opened their homes to host events to help spotlight the Charitable Fund’s mission.

AAC’s lawyers also provide leadership. Wylie Aitken and others have spoken at numerous MCLE events, Darren Aitken, Ashleigh Aitken, and Michael Penn has all served on the OCBA Board of Directors. Ashleigh Aitken served as the 2015 OCBA President and 2016 OCBA Charitable Fund President. Rich Cohn currently co-chairs the OCBA Education Committee. AAC lawyers have also served on the boards of, or in executive leadership with, the Celtic Bar Association; Constitutional Rights Foundation, Orange County; Orange County Trial Lawyers Association; Public Law Center; Orange County Lavender Bar Association; and many, many more.

In fact, each year attorneys at AAC donate hundreds of hours of time on pro bono and charitable activities. This dedication to worthy causes goes beyond the legal community. One such effort is AAC’s staunch support of Ryan’s Reach, the first non-profit brain injury treatment program in the country—and it is based here in Orange County.

So a hearty “cheers” goes out to AAC for all you have done to support the OCBA, the legal community, and our Orange County community as a whole.

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