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Case Results

$10,546,000: Three Million Dollar Settlement Above Policy Limits In Bicycle vs. Auto Accident

CASE DESCRIPTION: A thirteen year-old boy was riding his bicycle down a street when the defendant’s vehicle entered the bike lane striking plaintiff. As a result of plaintiff’s severe injuries he brought suit against the defendant. The defendant’s insurance refused … read more

$10,125,000: High Profile Plaintiff Collects $10 Million In Premises Liability Suit In Excess Of Policy

CASE DESCRIPTION: The plaintiff Ryan C., who is the grandson of singer Pat Boone, fell through a skylight on the roof of his apartment complex and fell three stories down to a concrete floor.  Paramedics arriving at the scene thought … read more

$7,062,000: Paralyzed Military Veteran’s Auto/Med Mal Case Resolved During Jury Selection

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiff entered into the intersection of Ball Road and Moody in the City of Cypress. At the same time a Bob-tail delivery truck made a left turn in front of Willie P’s car. A collision ensued. Willie P. was transported … read more

$6,868,000: Legal Whodunit Solved In Quadriplegic’s Favor In Santa Ana Eight Year Battle

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiff, while a passenger in his own car, was rendered a quadriplegic from a collision.  Plaintiff brought cause of action against the driver of his own car.  The jury ruled in favor for the Plaintiff, but also found … read more

$6,200,000: Drunk Driver Hits Parked Car

CASE DESCRIPTION: During the early morning hours of January 13, 2006, Plaintiff 1, was called to Newport Coast Road to assist his son, Plaintiff 3, whose BMW vehicle had suffered a mechanical breakdown.  Plaintiff 1 parked his vehicle on the … read more

$5,815,000: Nearly $6 Million for Elderly Bicyclist Struck by Semi-Tractor Trailer

CASE DESCRIPTION: On the morning of November 25, 2008 Plaintiff Jim M. went on his daily morning bike ride from his home. On this day, like many others, Jim put on his helmet, his reflective vest, and began riding his … read more

$5,750,000: Left Turning Truck Causes Collision on US-101

CASE DESCRIPTION: The defendant attempted to make a left turn across the US Highway 101 while towing a large piece of farming equipment with a flatbed truck.  The defendant was unable to clear the road before oncoming traffic crossed their … read more

$5,600,000: Negligent Drunk Driver Crashes Dune Buggy, Injuring Four Passengers

CASE DESCRIPTION:  Plaintiffs Derek H., Robert E.,Chrisa E., and Marinda H. brought a personal injury lawsuit against Defendant Brian M. for his negligent operation and crash of a dune buggy while the plaintiffs were passengers on May 18, 2007.  Chrisa … read more

$5,000,000: Doctor Injured When He Slipped And Fell On A Wet Hospital Floor

CASE DESCRIPTION: Doctor slipped and fell upon entering a Hospital entranceway. Plaintiff claims the floor was left wet and no warnings were left ondisplay. The Defense disputed liability and damages. RESULT: $5,000,000.00 total settlement On December 13, 1993, Plaintiff slipped … read more

$4,855,000: Failure To Supervise Contractor Leads To Catastrophic Injury

CASE DESCRIPTION: A water well driller was seriously injured when his arm was caught in the spinning part of a machine that drills the wells.  There was an issue regarding whether or not the equipment was safe and whether the … read more

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